The making of “Weather or Not”

The Making of “Weather or Not”
(Just some preliminary photos… modding the dolls and making the set)


First came the chicken…

Here’s mine, in miniature:  (made from polymer clay and painted with acrylics)

I got several Ken and GI Joe bodies off eBay… all jointed, with different type bodies and neck connectors.  Here’s the one I planned to use: in the first pic he’s at Wanda’s house after she made some oven mitts for him… in the second he’s at Lakeland on the light board (don’t tell Wally!) after Wanda gave him back to me.

I liked the face on this Ken doll… other than the hair, the features are almost perfect for AB. So I yanked his head off and put him on a new body. (because this Groom doll isn’t jointed and that’s a requirement!)

The Ken body that has the oven mitts (above) doesn’t have the right neck connector for this Groom head… so I used a different Ken body.  The glasses are from Dr. Ken that was used in “So Long, Sarah”.  He looks a lot like Harry Potter right now.

When I got the Groom doll I also got 2 Barbie Fashionista dolls… one for Anne (on the right) and one for me (on the left) – soon to be Lake Gaston Barbie (LKB). Here we are fresh out of the box: obviously I need a haircut and a dye job.

So a bit of hairstyling is in order… hair is trimmed, then painted with acrylic paint. Lame, but good enough for photos! This gives meaning to the term “masking tape”!

Looking better… next is AB’s hair…

Gesso head and test color on another Ken head:

Also got the outfit on eBay… it’s vintage Ken clothing that fits this body. The shirt was too small for the original body that I wanted to use, so I’m glad that I had to use a different one.  I wish I could remove some hair but this is OK until I think up something else.

Can you tell the real one from the fake one???

And back to the coffee table for some more posing:

In the meantime, Special Guest Artist Wanda made us a rug for the set:

And Anne made the knife and fork paintings:

And a squab!!!

More to come….

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