Invasion of the Clone Wars Dudes

Ninjas are sooo yesterday….
By Anne (April 2012)


‘Lars, what planet is this?? What sector???’ [exploding spaceship sounds in the background…]

‘I have a feeling we aren’t on Delta Five anymore…’

‘You tripped? Really? What is a giant monster chasing you – hahahahahha!’

‘Dude, I can’t find my cell phone!’

‘I got the tail you get the head WHAT IS ITTTTT????’

‘Clearly we are a taller and superior species on this planet Hans…..In the name of Excallibar, I claim thee!!!!.’

‘Excessive light force Dude, chill I’ll take a pic with my cell phone and post to fb……’ Karen will totally dig it.

‘When the students are ready, the Master will appear…’

‘Hey man, hey man, that’s one BIG Jedi Master Dude!!!’


‘Hans, I can’t hold on much longerrrr’

‘The Eagle has landed’.

‘I’m riding him like a Wookie hell yeah!’

‘These are just like what we used to ride back home’

‘You’re, um, Canadian, right?’

‘Time to make some Trooper time…..’

‘I’M NOT GOING FIRST AGAIN. Damnit Lars, I swear, I’m going to tell Karen on fb what a wookie you are’

‘Well, the Wookie is kinda compfy…’

‘This is the source of their magic power…we can take this back with us, we will use their Wookies against them’, aaachoooooo….

‘hahahahaha, Vulcan grip fail HANS hahahaha! I might even call Mom on this one..’

‘What??? This Wookie is growing a THUMB???’

‘Clearly, this IS an advanced species! What an awesome thumb!’

‘Ze Plane! Ze Plane!’

‘I never even got to say goodbye’

‘Shut up Lars’….

‘Off into the wild blue yonder’

‘Hans, Lars, you must complete your training!!!!’

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