Batman Frat House Frolics

It started out innocently enough… Pungo Barbie (PB) invited Lake Gaston Barbie (LGB) and AB to come play at Batman’s Frat House. (ooohhh… pointy roof!) “Hey Batman! Is that the Bat Signal?” “Why yes, Batman – it IS the Bat Signal. We are needed in the party room!” Batman’s Frat … Continue reading

Banana bread does what??

I love the web site Food Network Humor. A week or so ago, they posted an interesting thing about banana bread. That got me thinking… (note: I don’t think this site exists any more… so I disabled the link. Go there at your own risk.)   L-AF just sitting … Continue reading

The making of “Weather or Not”

The Making of “Weather or Not” (Just some preliminary photos… modding the dolls and making the set)   First came the chicken… Here’s mine, in miniature:  (made from polymer clay and painted with acrylics) I got several Ken and GI Joe bodies off eBay… all jointed, with different type bodies … Continue reading