The making of “Gone With the Biscuits” (1 of 3)

We have gotten totally sidetracked from WoN…
(Just some preliminary photos… modding the dolls and making the set)

So Anne tried to look up AB’s Southern Buttermilk Biscuit recipe… found an incorrect recipe on his FN site… and she ended up with hockey pucks. Now AB is the bad guy. The same weekend, she came across an old VHS tape of Gone With The Wind… put the two together, and we are now working on our Epic Magnum Opus (emo ??): Gone With the Biscuits.


The original, with which we are all familiar.  And our own version… you can see where this is going.


I’ve spent waaaay too much time on eBay… but we have the important players

Score!!!! The Rhett Butler doll in the gorgeous cream-colored suit has the same
jointed body and neck connector as AB!! So all I have to do is swap heads for
efficient full body transplant:


Here’s Red-Velvet-Scarlett Barbie… if Anne ever finds hers, this one is a
stunt double.  I can hear collectors all over the world giving a collective
grimace as I rip these guys out of their boxes…


So the first players are ready to go:


While Tracy was here sharing a small celebration, we set up a shot for the
New Orleans honeymoon scene…


We wanted a logo for all the flour/buttermilk/butter products… after trying
several different looks, we settled on this version:


We later thought we should have Paula Deen as the butter spokesperson:


And now we have The Tarleton Twins: (Obviously Brent is played by Superman!)

(then Jean-Luc wanted to get into the act… but that’s another show…)


A sample of the opening credits: the original screen shot from the movie, and
our version.  This is going to be a very tedious job, but it will be worth


Frankie and Scully as Ashley and Melanie.  Mellie needs a dress.
And here’s Mammy!


The leads…


Ashley goes into the army….
And Scarlett sees a dress in the window…


Dr. Ken as Big Sam…
And Dr. Ken as Uncle Peter…

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