Batman Frat House Frolics

It started out innocently enough…

Pungo Barbie (PB) invited Lake Gaston Barbie (LGB) and AB to come play at Batman’s Frat House.
(ooohhh… pointy roof!)

“Hey Batman! Is that the Bat Signal?”
“Why yes, Batman – it IS the Bat Signal. We are needed in the party room!”

Batman’s Frat House party room…

Spidey wants a real good look at Farrah…

Batman: “American Maid – I bow to your vacuuming prowess! You are the Queen! Also, I think I hurt my back…”

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

“What the hell, Spidey!? I told you to stop climbing on the ceiling! You are so going on my naughty list!”

“What… do we… have… here?  Spock – have… a… look at this!”



Meanwhile, downstairs in the kitchen…

Really, guys? In the kitchen??!!

Little piggies everywhere!

“Hey Babe, you look hot in that pot.”

“Raising the roof for Justice!”


“Batman said there would be booze and chicks here… soooo… are we early?”

PB has left the party – she seems to be distracted by Mike on tv.

“Oh Mike, you dirty, dirty man!”


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