The making of “Gone With the Biscuits” (2 of 3)

We have gotten totally sidetracked from WoN…
(Just some preliminary photos… modding the dolls and making the set)

Just goofing around with some Julia Child pictures today… found a couple that we liked, and we will incorporate her into one of the scenes. Here’s what we ended up with:
< This plus This >

Equals This:

Now working on costumes. Here’s the dress I made for Prissy: Then a dish towel apron:

We decided we needed a Charles Hamilton to kill off… what better than a Star Trek Red Shirt guy? Here’s Star Trek Ken with his new red shirt!  (He came with a gold shirt.)  I’m having to sacrifice t-shirts, pillowcases, and dish towels for fabric… there are no stupid fabric stores around here!

Anne is busy building ATLANTA! so we can burn it down:
turning food boxes inside out, cutting windows, assembling the water tower…

The building names are boring so we’re going to make them more food/character related… Sarah Palin is going to play Belle Watling, so the foundry gets converted:

We have looked over many, many pictures and discussed many, many ideas… so here’s Sarah Palin as Belle:

And we love Julia Child so much that she gets her own building, too:

But wait! There’s more!

Meanwhile, more costuming is happening.
Mellie’s dress is finished, along with a bonnet that still needs a ribbon and a way to keep it on her head:

Sgt. Schultz will play Aunt Pittypat. The doll has a great fat suit under his uniform, and he will look fantastic in drag.  The smirk is perfect!

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