When fondue parties go bad

BUNS and NIIK were invited to a quiet little fondue party.  Other guests were Batman Beyond, Spiderman, Dr. Grant, T-Rex, Mulan, and No-Name Army Guy.  Here’s what happens when fondue parties go bad. . .


It started out innocently enough.


Bread on a stick, cheese fondue, wine, some marinated meat, and raw veggies to cover the guilt factor.


Hey!  We need some bread on our sticks, too!


OK – now we’re talking!


Let’s sit over here by the fire.


Let’s go sit in the hot tub!  Hmm – what happened to the water?!


Maybe there was too much wine. . .


Yes, definitely too much wine.


Will you still respect me in the morning?

And a good time was had by all!!

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