BUNS and NIIK take on Frankie

BUNS and NIIK take on Frank Sinatra in a battle for the well-tailored suit:


BUNS:  Mr. Sinatra, may I have your autograph?

FS:  Sure, kid.  Whatever.

BUNS:  Hold him, NIIK!  (punch to the stomach)

(karate chop to the neck)

NIIK: I’ve got his feet– you work on the coat.

(grunts and groans)

NIIK:  Good– hold him while I get the pants!

NIIK:  Mr. Sinatra, I believe you are enjoying this way too much.

BUNS:Help me with this shirt. . . Had I known it was this much trouble, I would have just traded heads.

BOTH: Got it!

BUNS: Just as I thought. Perfect fit.

BUNS: Thanks for the help, NIIK.  Enjoy the jumpsuit, Mr. Sinatra.  Oh, and thanks for the autograph.

Buffed Up N.S. and New Improved I.K.: Well dressed and ready for action.

And as for Frankie, well, we’ll find him something else to wear.

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