Gone With the Biscuits (page 2)

1. The barbeque picnic at the Wilkes’ place…

2. All the men were pursuing Scarlett’s favor…

3. Boris can’t resist a pretty face…

4. They were eating like pigs! And so were the pigs!

5. Some men were pursuing each other’s favor…

6. And lurking in the background, Charles HAMilton watches. He’s on an away mission, but that’s another show… (Behind the Scenes at Tara… to be posted later)

7. As the picnic goers disburse for their afternoon nap, the men continue to pursue Scarlett’s favor.

8. “Dude! She likes us!”

9. Frank N. Stein declares his love as Cathleen Culvert looks on.

10. “Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

11. Scarlett: “Who’s that at the bottom of the stairs?”
Cathleen Culvert: “My dear, don’t you know? That’s Alton Butler! He’s from Food Network. He has the most terrible recipes.”

12. Scarlett: “He looks as if… as if…”

13. “… he knows what I look like without my apron!”

14. Alton Butler moves on, as Ashley and Melanie pay their kindest regards.

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