The R.I.C.E. Affair*

(costarring stunt doubles for BUNS and NIIK!)

It started out innocently enough (as usual)… some secret agents and other assorted characters on holiday at The Creature’s Establishment, enjoying some rice…


The Creature is pleased that everyone is satisfied with the excellent rice.


Even Power Ranger guy is happy with his packet of hot mustard sauce.


Frankie is always happy when he’s with No-Name-Army-Guy.


NIIK Stunt Double jumped ahead to the fortune cookie!


“When both feet are planted firmly, nothing can shake you.”  Profound, but irrelevant.


Come on, guys!  Share!


Uh oh…   Batman seems to have a problem with The Creature…


“Hey! Rice Head!  Your rice isn’t tasty enough!”


“Oh yeah?  Take that, you little Batman!  I’ll show you tasty rice!”


The Army wants a piece of this action.


Food fight!


“Food fight?  Where?”


“Grrrr….  I’ll show you all — eat my fine resort sand!”


Is Max making a call, or throwing the shoe phone?  (And Frankie always finds someone to sit on…)


Chaos.  Or KAOS?


Makes you wonder…


* Rowdy Incident at the Creature’s Establishment

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